‘My family and I live check by check. ‘The lady in front of you wanted you to have this.’ I’m pregnant and super emotional as it is. I start bawling my eyes out in line.’: Woman thanks stranger for act of kindness, ‘There are still great people in this world’

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“I just wanted to put out a positive post in all the chaos.

My family and I have to live check by check. So when people are buying in bulk and clearing the shelves, it’s harder on us because I can’t afford a lot of what’s left.

But I made my way to Meijer (Allen Park, Mi) today and bought this. $37 worth of this.

It wasn’t much but it was what I could afford for us to make dinner (with a few drinks in the basket you can’t see).

Anyway, I was standing in line with my cart and my son is with me. He asked for one of the cars that’s always at the register and I tell him, unfortunately, today I can’t afford it. Today, we need to buy whatever food we can to get us through this week. He’s 4 and really only understands he can’t get this toy. He was upset but stopped asking.

After all this, I went to pay for our things and the cashier handed me a gift card. She told me the lady that was in front of me bought it and wanted me to have it but to make sure she left first.

She got me a $50 gift card to help us out.

Of course, I’m pregnant and super emotional as it is, and I start bawling my eyes out in line at Meijer.

But it’s amazing to know there are still great people in this world. I’m so grateful to this other mom for helping us out. That honestly helped us more than she may ever know. I literally only had $40 left to my name for two weeks and I was about to spend $37 of it on this little bit of food.

Because of her, I’ll be able to get a little more if we run out before our next check. I’ll be able to get gas to get to work and not have to worry.

I hope, one day, we can get caught up so I can pass it forward!”

Courtesy Jen Mullins

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