I’m A Worry Mom—My Brain Can’t Help But Spin Out Of Control When It Comes To My Kids

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“I’m a worry mom.⁣⁣

My brain can’t help but spin out of control when it comes to my children.⁣⁣

Because it’s not just my life I’m worried about, it’s my children’s too,⁣⁣

and that’s A LOT.⁣⁣

And this means out of sight means more worry in my mind.⁣⁣

Because the worry starts creeping in even more⁣⁣

the moment they’re not with me to comfort,⁣⁣

because what if she has a meltdown and no one can calm her?⁣⁣
I can’t help it,⁣⁣

because I’m a worry mom.⁣⁣

And I know it’ll only continue.⁣⁣

When she’s nervous about a presentation at school, I know I’ll be anxious for her until I hear it went okay.⁣⁣
When she’s going through rough times with friends at school, I’ll be nervous about how her day went until she gets home.⁣⁣

Because there’s something about ‘not knowing’ with our kids that makes it worse.⁣⁣
But what will be comforting is we’ll see our kids bounce back from things without us and become even more resilient because they’ll figure it all out for themselves.⁣⁣

And that won’t stop us worry moms from worrying,⁣⁣

because out of sight will always mean more worry in our minds.⁣⁣

But it’ll make it all worth it.⁣⁣”

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