Why You Should Never Go Down A Slide With A Child In Your Lap

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“Every year I do a PSA on going down a slide with your child on your lap.

When Meadow was 12-months-old (I went down with Matthew first, but he was lucky), I went down the slide with her on my lap and her foot got caught between me and the slide!

This picture is the moment her leg was breaking. She’s still smiling because it was happening at this exact moment.

Heather Clare

When we went to the ER, the super empathetic doctor lectured me on how common this injury is. I had no idea. I thought everyone took their kids down the slide.

I strongly feel every playground should have a warning sign, but since I’ve never seen one (and we go to A LOT of playgrounds), I share this picture every year in hopes the pain Meadow felt and the guilt I still feel will save other babies and parents from the same. Don’t ever go down a slide with a baby on your lap. There is no SAFE way to go down a slide with your little.

Turns out I was told it is literally one of the top 3 reasons young children are seen in the Emergency Room during the Spring and Summer.

Note on how I am holding my daughter. We didn’t start this way. She was centered on my lap.

When I realized what was happening, I used my top hand to try to stop us and leaned to release her foot. I wasn’t riding down the slide with her on one side and leaning.”

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