‘My youngest got ‘dress coded’ at school. Not for the shorts, for her shirt.’: Mom shares important message about equality, body positivity

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“This is my youngest. She got ‘dress coded’ at school the other day… nope not for the shorts, for her shirt. Guess what? I left her there in that outfit all day to spread the message she felt so proud to display, which is the only reason I have a picture of her on that day to begin with. She was glowing and beaming like a ray of sunshine and asked me to take a picture of her in her new favorite shirt at the bus stop before school. This quick, poor lighting pic is what I got as the bus approached, but I got it!

Just 30 minutes later, I got asked to bring her a change of clothes because apparently another teacher told her teacher her shirt was ‘too short.’ I didn’t do it. I’m pretty conservative on things like this and this is the first time we have ever been ‘dress coded’ in our home. To be honest, shorts usually make this mama panic just because our physique makes them appear shorter in stride. Nope it wasn’t the shorts… it was her shirt. She told a friend when they got off of the bus what happened and the friend said, in my own ear shot, ‘Look at my shirt, it’s shorter than yours.’ Her friend’s shirt was slightly shorter, but also appropriate, and her shorts, the same length.

Different bodies.
Different perceptions.
Different races.
Different styles.

Because you know what? I’m not sure it was the shirt, maybe it was the message or maybe it was both.

My message is this… EQUALITY!
I will not allow your discomfort to change who I’m teaching my children to be.
I will not allow your discomfort to make my child insecure about their body.
I will not allow your discomfort to make my child question their values or beliefs.
I most definitely will not allow your discomfort to force my child to do what makes you comfortable!

Mama Bear of a strong, beautiful, confident girl!”

Young black teen girl proudly wears her new shirt and poses with her hand on her hip.
Courtesy of Tia Hawkins

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