Mom Shares Hilarious Fail After Toddler Goes To School With Thong Stuck To Pants

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“Whenever I pick up my son from school, instead of asking, ‘How was your day?’ I always ask, ‘What made you smile today?’ I also will sometimes ask, ‘What made you laugh today?’

I do this because it makes conversational feel that much more intentional and meaningful.

Well, today was interesting, mommas.


*Son Hunter hops in car*

Son: ‘Momma, something funny happened today.’

Me: ‘Oh yeah? What’s that?’

Suddenly, he starts rolling up his pant leg and pulls out my THONG!

‘I found this during music class!’ he says.

YOU GUYS, my freaking thong was static-clinged to the inside of his pant leg!

He said he panicked and just shoved it back up there and left it all day because he thought I would want it back!

Then he said he kept pretending to tie his shoe all day to shove them back up his pant leg.

After I caught my breath, I snatched them back and said, ‘THANKS, SON!’

I mean, if you don’t save your moms thong, are you even a mommas boy?”

Boy holding up black underwear inside car
Courtesy of Heather M. Nicholson

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