Pregnant Mom Gets Ticket, Judge Changes Her Punishment When She Says It’s A Rainbow Baby

When a pregnant woman named Suzanne walked into the courtroom, it was clear she could have popped at any moment. She was so ready to pop, in fact, that the employees were nervous she’d give birth right there at the bench!

While on her way to the doctor, Suzanne turned right on a red light when she shouldn’t have. Every two weeks, she goes to the OBGYN for her high-risk pregnancy. On this particular day, she never saw the “No Right On Red” sign until she got the ticket.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio of “Caught in Providence” fame knew he’d be gentle with Suzanne from the start, not wanting to stress her out. After all, she was just three weeks away from her due date at the time.

As it turned out, Suzanne had lost her baby the year prior. She was now pregnant with her rainbow baby, a precious daughter.

Known for his undying compassion and kindness towards just about everyone who walks into his courtroom, Judge Caprio made a last-minute decision. Instead of issuing her a citation for making a right-on-red, he dismissed the case completely and simply wished for her a happy, healthy baby.

Just wait for the tear-jerking moment when Suzanne looks back at Judge Caprio and says, “That baby’s coming home this time.”

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