Olympian Shawn Johnson Is Getting Criticized Over ‘Baby Flipping’ Video She Filmed On Beach

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Shawn Johnson is an Olympic gold gymnast, Dancing With the Stars champion, and successful author. She and her husband Andrew East, a professional football player, recently brought their three-month-old daughter Drew (aka “Roo”) on vacation in Miami.

While relaxing on the sandy beach, Shawn decided to share her love of gymnastics with her baby girl by helping her achieve her very first upside-down flip.

In the video below, Shawn sits down on the sand, and very carefully, she spins Drew all the way around and then back again while holding her at her waist. It’s a cute, quick little moment of activity before Andrew steps into the frame to give Drew a kiss, like any proud dad would do.

The clip was posted to Instagram and accompanied by Shawn’s caption: “Roo’s first flip!! (she was PERFECTLY safe… so don’t even haha)”

However, many viewers were uncomfortable with the “baby flipping” and worried about Drew’s safety. Some felt she was being too rough with the infant.

Shawn was also criticized for letting the baby be barefoot and hatless on the beach.

While many fans were quick to defend the experienced athlete and mother, Shawn was ready to clap back with a response of her own. m

Watch the video below to see the flip in question, and Shawn’s response to the “haters.”

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