She Is My ‘Very’ Child

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“She’s my very child.

Very sad,

Very happy,

Very excited,

Very angry.

I mean, this picture is a whole mood in itself.

Her excitement is palpable.

Her entire face lights up.

She can convince even the most uninterested party into being thrilled to join in.

Let me tell you Christmas morning is a full experience in itself.

Her laugh is bigger than she is.

It is a full-out belly laugh that you can’t help but smile at in response.

Her anger, her sadness is very, very.

There is no containing or hiding it.

Her emotions rise off her like steam.

Just ask the patrons of our recent grocery trip.

Her very extends beyond emotions.

Very determined.

Very loving,

Very funny,

Very wild.

She will do it herself.

Even when we are already five minutes late.

Even when it is something beyond her skill set.

Even when I beg for her to let me help.

She. will. do. it.

Maybe it’s because she has no filter or perhaps it’s the fact that she has no regard for the opinions of others.

But she can make me laugh like no one else.

I have had to leave the room for a laugh break during a stern lesson on more than one occasion.

She proudly takes on the label of a wild child.

She often moves before she thinks.

Her limbs littered with bruises and scars, evidence of her feral ways.

If you tell her she shouldn’t she is even more determined.

Even her hugs are very, there is nothing gentle about them.

If she loves you, she loves you big.

There is no in-between.

To mute her sadness would mute her joy.

To lessen her anger would lessen her excitement.

And the world would truly be missing out.

My very child makes me

Very exhausted,

Very frazzled,

Very amused,

Very proud.

Yes, she is my very child.

And she is so very, very loved.”

little girl standing on the sidewalk not caring
Courtesy of Tiffany Yoder

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