‘It’s tears one minute, big kisses the next. Stares from strangers who think they know better. Every day, you wrack your brain wondering where you went wrong.’: Wild child mom urges ‘they are nothing short of incredible’

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“I see you mama.

I see you trying to wrangle and untangle those emotions.

The ones from them, the ones from yourself.

It’s a never-ending rollercoaster of feelings.

This is life with a wild child.

I know you feel the looks, the stares from strangers.

The side glances and the judgments from those who think they know better.

This is life with a wild child.

I see you racking your brain trying to figure out where you went wrong today.

Why do all your parenting techniques and strategies that worked with your other kids, simply have no effect on this child in front of you?

This is life with a wild child.

I hear you when you speak about your wild one.

I can tell that you love them fiercely, but also that you are challenged daily, both mentally and physically at times.

I hear the love, but also the feeling of defeat under your breath at times.

This is life with a wild child.

They can be stubborn.

They can be hard to handle.

You know that someday the stubbornness they possess will help them to achieve great things—–but in the moment it can create tension and never-ending battles.

This is life with a wild child.

They are quick to get angry but also quick to forgive.

There will be tears from both of you one minute, and then big squeezes and kisses the next.

Because just as they can be wild and crazy, they can love fiercely, all in the same breath.

This is life with a wild child.

They have no fear.

There is no hint of ‘what if,’ there is only living in the present, in the moment.

There are falls and scrapes, bruises, and broken bones.

But there are no regrets with a wild child— only the sense of thrill and adventure.

It makes your mama heart proud but also insanely nervous all at once.

This is life with a wild child.

There is a lot of messes.

There are creations, potions, experiments, and more.

Imaginations run wild and there are not enough hands-on activities to keep them occupied.

This is life with a wild child.

It can be exhausting, anxiety-inducing, and stressful.

It’s hard.

Like, really, really hard.

But do you know something?

That wild child of yours.

They are nothing short of incredible.

They are every good part of your soul and every brave bone that you are missing.

They are fire and ice, and every other element mixed together.

They are special.

They are unique.

They are passionate.

And this life with a wild child, although hard, can also be so rewarding.

Just remember, they’re doing their best—and so are you.”

child on a bike with goggles and a helmet on in a black and white photo
Courtesy of Cassie Hilt

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