I Stopped Drinking Socially 3 Years Ago, And My Life Completely Transformed

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“I had my last drink three years ago.

But honestly, I had no idea it was going to be my last.

Actually, I stopped drinking in secret.

You see, my social life revolved around drinks. I was known as being the life of the party. It felt as though a big part of my identity was wrapped up in my drinking.

When I stopped and realized I didn’t miss it–at all–it even took me by surprise. So, of course, it surprised others, too.

I know people grieved the old me. They probably asked, ‘Where’d my fun friend go?’

And the only way I can answer is to say she is free.

Three years later, she has never felt more free in her whole damn life.

She wakes up clear-headed–every day.

She has relearned to trust herself like she did when she was a bold little girl.

She lives life fully–really LIVES.

She climbs mountains, canyoneers, boulders, red rocks, got a literary agent, went horseback riding, climbed ice formations, and more.

She tries new things and isn’t afraid to be bad at them.

She is present with her kids and enjoying them in ways she never thought she could.

She is more patient.

She sits with herself in the silence so she can get used to listening to the voice within.

She is more at peace with the woman she is.

I could go on.

But if I could describe sobriety in one sentence, it is this…

I am free.

This mommy doesn’t need wine.

This mommy needs clarity and boldness now that I’m in midlife.

Sobriety has brought me here. Nothing else.

And this new freedom?

It sure tastes good.”

recovered alcoholic standing on red rocks overlooking canyon
Courtesy of Angela Anagnost-Repke

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