The Simple Act Of Packing Lunches Felt Impossible This Morning

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“As mothers, we shield our children from the news.

We want to make them feel safe and loved, not to see that 19 children their same age were murdered while in their school.

As mothers, we didn’t sleep last night.

The grief and worry kept startling us awake.

As mothers, the simple act of packing lunches felt impossible this morning.

Should we keep them home?

As mothers, we begrudgingly sent our children off to school today absolutely sick to our stomachs.

Hugging them so much tighter than the day before, choking back tears.

Will they make it home?

As mothers, we are full of rage.

Rage for the murdered innocent children and their families.

As mothers, we research.

We see how clearly the United States ranks in mass shootings AND how not a damn thing has changed since Sandy Hook nearly a decade ago.


As mothers, we’re going to act.

Because if our government refuses to protect our children, we will.

Text READY to 644-33 to learn about Moms Demand Action to advocate for sensible gun violence prevention to honor the victims with ACTION.

Mothers in Uvalde, Texas didn’t tuck their children in last night and they’re not sending them to school today.

They will never see their child again.

Don’t be OK with that.”

brother and sister walking into school as their mom watched
Courtesy of Angela Anagnost-Repke

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