How To Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

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“When you walk into a small business you step inside the creation of someone’s dream. Someone who made a decision to take a leap. A leap to pursue their dream. To take a chance.

To often take a big pay cut from the secure job they leave, knowing they may fail but hoping they’ll be a success. To hold their breath. Lose sleep.

Small business owner in her Christmas decorations shop hiding a mini Santa
Courtesy of Becky Gacono

To run through every ‘what if’ scenario over and over again in their head. To work harder than they ever imagined.

All these things make me smile any time I step inside anyone’s small business because I see what they did. They took a chance and they did it!

I want to cheer for them. I want to hug them and tell them I am so proud of them, but let’s face it, that would make it weird.

We know online shopping and the huge box stores are not going to go away but I think it’s important to figure out how to exist together. I think it’s important that we do.

Take a moment to imagine what your community would look like if small businesses didn’t exist. We need them.

Small business owners standing behind checkout counter of knick knack shop
Courtesy of Becky Gacono

Sometimes parking is a pain or you pay more for a handmade item than one made in China. Maybe you don’t think it’s your kind of shop or restaurant. Step inside.

Maybe it’s not for you but you have friends or family who might love it. Tell them about it. Buy them a Gift Card. Look around and take a moment to realize you are standing in someone’s dream.

You have a personal tour of someone who took a chance and is hoping every single day they will continue to be able to keep their doors open and by you stepping inside they are thankful and hopeful there will be more good days to follow.

BUT, we can do more. Within our fingers, we have the power to tell everyone we know about the little shops we enter. With our access to social media, we can share our discoveries with others.

Small business couple standing in their restaurant
Courtesy of Becky Gacono

We can share photos and write a great review if you love a place. We can tell our friends and family, take them there, and help spread the word.

And please, BE KIND when you get behind your keyboard. There are so many ways you can help a small business AND they are all FREE!

This time of year is a perfect time to walk up and down the streets of the communities you live in or pass through to do your holiday shopping. Without a doubt, every small business owner will appreciate that you stepped inside.

They need us and we need them to keep our communities alive. Stop in the places you’ve passed by. Take a moment to see what’s behind the doors of the Dreamers.”

black small business owners holding juices from their acai bowl business
Courtesy of Becky Gacono
Small business owner of a bar standing behind the bar in a yellow shirt
Courtesy of Becky Gacono
Small business owners of bar grouped up for picture
Courtesy of Becky Gacono

This article was submitted to Love What Matters by Becky Gacono of Pennsylvania. You can follow her bakery, Whirling Dervish Bakery, on Facebook. Join the Love What Matters family and subscribe to our newsletter.

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