You May Be Sitting In The Middle Of A Storm Right Now, But The Sun Will Come Again

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“The sun will come out again.

My husband and I went through a long dark period.

I’ll spare you the details, but just know we walked the thin line separating life and death more than once.

What I learned from our years in the dark is this: the sun comes out again.

Only, when the sun comes out after a storm—it doesn’t erase the damage caused by the wind and rain.

The landscape you knew may never quite look the same.

Your most beloved part of the land may be uprooted and gone from sight.

You might find the storm has blown you into a new location, one where storms are chronic, where the clouds roll in and back out over and over again.

But wherever you are, the bright rays you crave will come.

And when they shine there will be moments of peace, joy, and even laughter.

God will use this light to show you things you may have once overlooked.

He can make new things bloom from the changing landscape.

He can make a beautiful picture from the wreckage, not by erasing the broken pieces, but by using them to create a work transformed.

If you are sitting in the middle of a storm right now, remember that all new things are born out of the darkness.

It’s where God does some of His best work.

And know this…

The sun will come out again.”

husband and wife holding each other close
Courtesy of Jillian Benfield

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