‘Today, I found your hair.’: Dog mom shares heartfelt moment of grief in wake of losing young pet to cancer

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“Today I found your hair.

the hair that the woman found of her dog
Courtesy of Irini Orihuela

It stuck to my leg when it brushed up against my blanket.

The green and gold one I haven’t washed in over a year.

Yeah, I know, that’s gross.

I should wash it.

I know I should.

Eventually, I will,

But right now I can’t.

dog sleeping against her owner
Courtesy of Irini Orihuela

I can’t because it was the last blanket you slept on, while you slept next to me in my bed.

You never dared to sleep on anyone else’s bed but mine.

And when you did, you slept right against my back.

I saw the hair for a second and wondered whose it could be.

It couldn’t be the cat’s, it’s too curly.

It couldn’t be a friend’s, it’s too short.

It can’t be anyone in the family’s, we are all brunettes.

So it had to be yours.

I can’t believe it is.

woman and her dog taking a selfie
Courtesy of Irini Orihuela

Your hair used to cover e v e r y t h i n g.

The floor,

My clothes,

The blankets,

Even the couches!

You weren’t supposed to be on them,

But come on,

Who could say no to you?

picture of a dog sleeping
Courtesy of Irini Orihuela

Especially when one would fall asleep on the couch, and you’d jump up to join.

I was robbed.

I only got three years with you.

It wasn’t enough.

You don’t have a shirt I can keep forever.

You don’t have a ring.

A necklace.

A bracelet.

Only a collar,

Or a leash.

dog smiling and sitting on her bed
Courtesy of Irini Orihuela

It’s weird to lay on your bed.

It’s weird to hold a toy with no dog to use it.

It’s not right.

I’m not ready to get a new dog.

I’m not ready to pretend like you didn’t exist.

I’m not ready to act like I’m okay with you gone.

I’m not.

I don’t know when I’ll be.

Until then…

I am not going to wash the blanket.

No matter how gross that is.”

dog sleeping on a boat
Courtesy of Irini Orihuela

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