‘The To-Do lists and upgrades will linger. Look around, soak it all in. It’ll never be perfect, but it’s perfect for you.’: Woman urges ‘love multiplies with or without all the things that shine’

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“As you work on your house this weekend and throughout the summer, remember your house is a home.

It doesn’t need shiplap and grey to prove that love lives here.

Flowers and gardens are lovely, but they’re not what makes it beautiful.

Farm sinks and hardwood floors are simply just that.

It’s easy to compare the neighborhood and want to change this out for that.

The grass may in fact, grow greener on the other side, but this side is yours not theirs.

Hear me when I say, not everything is subway tiled and white when you live a colorful life.

Love grows within your house and dust and dirt will too.

Fingerprints and chipped paint might just turn into memories of the good times.

Maintenance is most necessary, this we would agree.

Yet, your home is your haven.

It is the cover of your life magazine and no one elses.

Look around and soak it all in for exactly where it is right now.

The To-Do lists and upgrades will linger for years.

It’ll never be perfect, but it’ll be perfect for you.

This is where love multiplies with or without all of the things that shine.

This is where love lives.”

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