‘This is my face after spending a 12-hour shift on a Covid-19 ICU team and crying the entire 30-minute drive home.’: Nurse urges ‘teamwork is the only way we can get through the hard stuff’

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“I debated sharing this, because it can feel disingenuous when there is so much craziness going on.

But, after seeing a whole group of people gathering in a culdesac in my neighborhood yesterday (you can still catch a virus if you are outside, people), I felt like I needed to share this.

This is my face after spending a 12-hour shift on a Covid-19 ICU team and spending my entire 30-minute drive home crying.

I was crying because myself and my fellow rockstar nurses had to code a patient while wearing full PPE.

Knowing that the PPE isn’t 100% tested for those situations, so I hope I’m safe.

But, also knowing that while we got that patient back for now, the odds are not in their favor.

If they die, they will die without any loved ones and without a funeral because we can’t risk spreading this deadly virus.

So please, take it seriously when we say STAY AT HOME.

Social distancing means that if you don’t live with someone, you shouldn’t be interacting with them.

This is killing people left and right and it’s only a matter of time before it’s someone that you know and love if you don’t listen!

This is also an EXTREMELY hard time to be someone who works in ICU or ER. Please pray for us.

The teamwork is the only way we get through the hard stuff!”

Courtesy of Katie Wright

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