Mom’s Boyfriend Interrupts Family Photo Shoot To Tell Her Daughter He Adopted Her

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When Tim Bobbit met his girlfriend Annie, there was already someone in her life who meant the world to her.

Annie was a single mother to her young daughter, Kylee.

Tim still remembers the first time he met Kylee. Over time, the pair formed an incredible bond.  He came to love carrying Kylee to bed, dancing in the living room together, playing video games, riding roller coasters, and attending all of her cheerleading and dance events like any proud father would.

As Tim and Annie stood at the altar on their wedding day, Kylee handed Tim a letter in front of their friends and family. In the letter, she asked him if he would officially adopt her.

The tear-jerking wedding surprise set into motion the long and complex process of getting all of the adoption paperwork sorted and making sure everything was firmly in place.

In the clip below, Kylee thinks she’s participating in a family photo shoot. In reality, she’s about to receive her dream come true.

Tim tells Kylee to move closer to the camera. “Stay right there,” he instructs her. Then, he steps away from behind the lens and kneels down before her, this time with a letter of his own.

You do not want to miss Kylee’s reaction to the news, and the extra surprise waiting for her around the corner.

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