‘Stop settling for half ass men. You deserved to feel loved, momma.’: Mom urges parenthood is teamwork, ‘the right man will help out in all the ways you need’

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“Stop settling for half ass men.

You deserve the help.
You deserve to feel loved.

I see your posts, momma.

‘I don’t want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like my husband.’

‘I never get to sleep in, but my man always does.’

‘I’m so tired of never having help.’

‘I wish I could be as carefree as my man is. I have so much to worry about.’

Well, I’m here to tell you, you deserve the help.

And the right man will be there, and help out in all of the ways you need.

The right man will let you sleep in, and wake you up to breakfast.
The right man will help you with the kids, even after a long day.
The right man will step up, and do whatever needs to be done to help out with his family.

You will not have to beg for help.

You will not have to feel alone in raising your children.

You will feel validated, loved, and understood.

Don’t settle for half ass.

You deserve it all, momma.

You don’t ever deserve to feel alone, or underappreciated.

You’re a team, and you’re in this together.

You should never feel like you’re doing it alone, momma.

You deserve to be taken care of sometimes.

You deserve help.

You deserve to wake up to the smell of pancakes, and the sound of your kids and husband giggling.

It’s out there, momma.

Don’t settle.”

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Courtesy of Caitlin Fladager

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