To My Son With Autism: I Wish The World Saw The Real You

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“When the world sees you, I want them to see you…

Not stereotypes of who you should be.

Not how they portray autism on TV.

Not a generic definition from the internet.

They need to see the you that I see.

I want them to see how you blow bubbles with your eyes closed and laugh hysterically as they pop.

How when you’re nervous you say, ‘It’s dark outside.’ (Even when it’s daylight.)

The way you love geography, space, and flags.

How I’m always on my toes learning, exploring, and laughing with you.

How you can make a whole room smile with your silly personality.

Oh boy, how you can light up a room with your contagious laughter.

As everyone stares…

I can’t help but be thankful.

How did I get so lucky?

I want them to see how on the hard days, when we sit together with tears streaming down our faces, you seem to rise above.

Even when the world feels like it’s too much.

How at the end of some of the hardest days, we lay together.

I wish they saw how you hold my face close and say, ‘I love you, mama.’

How you melt my heart with how loving you are.

How sensory overloads happen and they aren’t something to be ashamed of.

Even when you might not always handle them with grace, because not everything is meant to deal with that way.

How it doesn’t make you bad, only human my love.

My son, you are empathetic, intelligent, funny, and friendly.

You deserve the world to see you this way.

Autism is a spectrum full of wonderful people like my son.

I hope when people read this they understand that autism isn’t a one size fits all.

Rather, full of unique individuals with so much to offer this world.”

autistic son blowing bubbles
Courtesy of Kim Coble
son feeling felt globe for sensory
Courtesy of Kim Coble
autistic son taking a moment to appreciate the world
Courtesy of Kim Coble

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