‘We love being mothers, but sometimes, it is so hard.’: Mom of 6 shares Mother’s Day gift advice

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“As Mother’s Day approaches and everybody’s scrambling on what’s the best gift, I want to give a little advice from a mama of 13 years.

One thing not talked about is the heaviness of not feeling seen as a mom.

All the tiring, hard work of raising tiny humans who can’t yet articulate a simple ‘thank you.’

We love being mothers, but sometimes, it is so hard.

To be honest, all we want to hear is:

‘You’re doing a good job.’

‘I appreciate you.’

‘I see you.’

It’s not the flowers and massage or a one-day celebration, it’s those tiny little reminders that cost nothing but mean everything.”

Mom stands with her six children in their Sunday best on Easter Sunday
Courtesy of Allie Darr

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