When A Mama Says She’s Tired, She Means It

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“When a mama says she’s tired, she means it.

The tiredness a mama feels is not just physical.

The tiredness a mama feels is that of pure, utter exhaustion.

Because a mama’s body?

It is simply nothing short of a sponge.

Absorbing the entirety of the world around her.

Those responsibilities she’s supposed to hold and honor.

As well as the endless reel of worries, she simply cannot ignore.

The flood of feelings she just can’t prevent from drowning her heart.







There comes a point when a mama’s body starts to cry out.

A point when it begins to ache to its core.

A point when she feels like she could sleep for a week, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Her back, perpetually hurting.

Her knees are throbbing.

Her hands cracked and rough from spending hours underwater each week; cleaning, wiping, washing, sanitizing.

Her feet are overdue for some attention and care, as she spends each-and-every moment of her time awake, carrying and caring for others.

Her eyes, dry and swollen from always trying to keep one open; protecting her precious babies from the enemy’s relentless prowl.

But there comes a point when a mama’s load just becomes too heavy.

A point when she is beyond saturated with life’s burdens.

A point when she needs someone to gently wring her out and let her take some time to dry, so she can prepare to absorb again.

When a mama says she’s tired, she means it.

And when she finally admits it, believe me, it’s taken everything in her to do just that.

Because a mama is simply used to carrying the load, not asking anyone to take on hers.

When a mama says she’s tired, she means it.

She doesn’t need questions.

She doesn’t need comments.

She simply needs someone to show her grace.

And to step in to carry her load, even for just a small while.

With the quiet understanding that a few minutes of someone sharing the heaviness she carries, can make an absolute world of difference to her weary body, heart, and soul.”

sponge on a plate that is on tile
Courtesy of Elizabeth Spenner

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