‘When Santa was pouring milk into my son’s tube, he beamed with pride. ‘You see him give me my milkies mommy?!’: Santa shares tender moment with little boy, ‘his biggest wish came true’

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“Poor Santa was so nervous he was shaking. I was crying seeing how happy Austin was, feeling included sharing cookies with Santa!”

“My son Austin is 4 and half years old. He has tubes due to swelling issues causing him to aspirate, and his stomach rejects his feeds. My son is mentally delayed. He doesn’t usually smile well for pictures because he gets flustered and wound up due to his sensory issues. But for Santa – he lit up!

When Santa was pouring the milk into his tube, Austin beamed with pride and said, ‘You see him give me my milkies mommy?!’ Austin thought he was so cool sitting in Santa’s chair! Poor Santa was so nervous he was shaking. And who doesn’t love cookies and milk with Santa? My sweet son was in awe that Santa himself was giving his belly a drink.

Little boy with stomach tube sits in green chair while Santa pours milk into his tube
Courtesy Beth Salzbrenner

Honestly, I was crying seeing how happy Austin was and how sweet and accommodating the staff were. Santa was so tender with him. Santa was really nervous though, so he was shaking.

All we have been longing for 2 years was for Austin to be able to eat again. It’s been rough on him – he couldn’t have liquid or food orally. He has recently started eating again after 2 years completely tube fed and he is able to try many foods now. It’s a slow process, but he is doing amazing.

This picture is the perfect celebration and way to remember that his biggest wish came true, and even though he is having to supplement his calories and hydration by tube, he is allowed eat! It’s a magical picture, Santa ‘giving’ him his wish as he is sharing cookies and milk with jolly St. Nick. This Santa deserves to be recognized for his willingness to tube feed my little guy so that he felt included in sharing cookies with Santa!”

Santa sits in green chair with little girl and little boy with stomach tubes sitting on his lap
Courtesy Beth Salzbrenner

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