Mom Evicted At 40 Weeks Pregnant Goes Into Accidental Labor In New House With No Running Water

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This is one crazy birth story!

Nikki Schumacher lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband Drew and their four kids. On her popular YouTube channel, Nikki encourages other homemakers to love their families, embrace their imperfections, and not sweat the small stuff in live. She focuses on “cleaning, living on a budget and chatty videos about how to love your family.”

The birth of Nikki and Drew’s fourth child was an unexpected one for many reasons, and one full of twists and turns, scary moments and miraculous beginnings. Lucky for us, Nikki shared a video showing her incredible labor in realtime — which required her and her family to tap into an unparalleled level of adaptability and flexibility.

Firstly, Nikki says she and her family were evicted when she was 40 weeks pregnant. They had to scramble in order to move into their new place before the baby came.

To make matters even more complicated, the couple forgot to have the water bill transferred over.

In the video below, we meet Nikki three days past her due date. By this point, she’d been having lots of contractions that were growing more painful by the day. But it wasn’t yet time to go to the hospital where she planned to deliver.

Drew had left early that morning to try and get the water bill settled before she went into labor… but as you’ll see, it was too late.

With the cameras rolling, Nikki started going into labor in her bathroom — with no running water at home!

She had to think fast. Her friend boiled water on the stove. They frantically searched for towels. They had to make it work.

Drew made it back in time to assist Nikki with “accidental, unassisted birth” in their brand new house.

Oh, and to top it all off, the baby’s gender was a complete surprise.

Video Credit: Nikki Schumacher / Instagram / YouTube

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