‘After months of bullying at school, my daughter ended her life on June 14, 2017.’

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“After months of bullying at school, my daughter ended her life on June 14, 2017.

I’ve chosen to speak out about this.

And I need your help.

We must manage, oversee, and parent our children’s social media use.

Yes, you all suffer from ‘not my child syndrome.’

Humiliation, Exclusion, and intimidation IS BULLYING!

The ‘you can’t sit with us’ was only funny in a movie, not in real life, and certainly not for Mallory.

Her life in 6th grade, was horrible.

We did our best, didn’t allow her to have access to Snapchat, limited her time, online.

Still, her bullies found access to her… it was their mission.

Now they have tears of getting caught… they don’t shed the same tears we do… her family.

Suicide is now an option.

Children 10-15, it’s the 2nd leading cause of death… that’s right! #2.

Your child is more likely to DIE by their own hands, as a result of social media cyber bullying, than get cancer or in a car accident.

This drive to ‘one up’ someone… exclude them, make fun of … has to end with you.

The parents…

Your JOB as a parent is to teach them, there is always someone better than you, and less fortunate.

My daughter Mallory was full of life, she was a cheerleader, good student, well liked by her inner circle, gymnast, sister, daughter, granddaughter.. and was hated in the halls of middle school.

The target placed on her back, lead directly to her heart.

It’s my mission to educate and create legislation that will hold your children accountable for what they post online.

The laws to force social media parenting are coming…

Start now before you wear my shoes.”


14 year old smiling in selfie who took her own life


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