‘Amazon: Thank you for your order!’ I glance down at the photo and price. $430?!?! ‘What’s this? I didn’t order anything?’ SHEER PANIC. Then, I connected the dots.’: Daughter mistakenly orders from Amazon without permission

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Surprise Email

There are countless things that can go awry with just a quick glance away from your toddler. In a matter of seconds, that sweet security, that joyous smile, can vanish without a trace, and you suddenly find yourself in a full-blown panic with no off button.

You’ve heard the countless horror stories ranging from a quick tumble to the dreadful choking or drowning incidents. We thought we had heard it all, until Isabella McNeil shared her own toddler mishap.

It was a normal day in mommy life. McNeil handed her cell phone over to her pleading two-year-old daughter as many parents do. It was certainly nothing out of the ordinary. She assumed her child would be scouring the usual kid-friendly corners of the internet in search of some games and good sing-along tunes. But McNeil later learned her daughter got more than just a regular dose of “Baby Shark”.

When the cell phone was graciously returned to it’s momma owner, nothing seemed different. She went about the motions of her day without a care. Then, she got it. An email notification from Amazon.

Drumroll, please.

Amazon: “Thank you for your order!”

She opened the email thinking, “What’s this? I didn’t order anything.”

Her eyes glanced down at the photo and price. A $430 couch was now in transit to her address. It was too late to cancel the order. Her first thought was, “Did I buy a couch in my sleep?” It’s safe to say she got her moment of sheer panic. Next, she connected the dots.

Toddler Orders Furniture

McNeil had been browsing for some new furnishings on her phone just before her daughter got hold of it. She had forgotten to close the app. As it turns out, her daughter, thanks to Amazon’s “one-click” ordering feature, accidentally purchased a brand new couch for the family. Who knew the girl had graduated from sing-alongs and went straight to furniture shopping!

Unfortunately, she soon learned the return shipping cost would be $100. So, instead of returning it, she decided to go for a good old fashioned re-sale. She placed the grey tufted couch for sale on OfferUp for $300.

“Brand new in box. Ordered it by mistake, my toddler actually did…darn buy with 1 click on Amazon,” the listing reads. “Anyway it’s more of a hassle to ship back, so I’ll take a loss. I paid 431 with tax and am willing to let it go for 300 must pick up.”

In the aftermath of it all, McNeil had only only thing to say: “Lesson learned.”

She now vows to be more careful with what windows and apps are readily available on her devices before passing them on to her tech savvy daughter. Couch or no couch, we’re happy McNeil and her daughter are safe and sound.

Courtesy of Isabella McNeil

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