Janai Smith

‘If she wakes, she’ll never walk again.’ I began to hear subtle sounds. One morning, I tapped her hand. It felt like I’d snapped back into life.’: Woman shares journey with Meningitis, ‘I’m a walking testament of hope’

“It started with flu-like symptoms. Loss of appetite, fatigue, and body soreness. I went from feeling fine to almost immediately shut down. I lay down and never got back up. My mom sped past the waiting room, screaming, ‘Help!’ as I lay lifeless.”

‘Everything is fine, but…’ I tensed up. I thought everyone was in as much pain as I was. I found myself alone with NO answers.’: Chronic illness warrior urges ‘NEVER give up on your health’

“Doctors told me, ‘It’s all in your head.’ I started to lose hope. I couldn’t even take a shower or wash my hair without help. I couldn’t swallow without difficulty and occasional choking. It started to sink in. My life will always be different than others.”

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