Autism Doesn’t Mean Broken 

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“For the past 21 years, my son has unknowingly recited this poem to me every day:

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘Incandescent smile.’

It means ‘Courage beyond measure.’

It means ‘Watch this!’

It means ‘Don’t you dare doubt me.’

It means ‘This is a world of miracles.’

It means ‘Different is beautiful.’

It means ‘Hope endures.’

It means ‘Unashamed!’

It means ‘My story is still be written.’

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘Life is a flowerbed of countless unique colors.’

It means ‘Burning heart.’

It means ‘Love doesn’t stop.’

It means ‘I have dignity.’

It means ‘I’m more than my diagnosis.’

It means ‘I’m the Angel of joy.’

It means ‘The art of living in the present moment.’

It means ‘Raw honesty.’

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘Obstacles don’t scare me.’

It means ‘Let me teach you how to forgive.’

It means ‘Sunflower in the desert.’

It means ‘A living example of wonderment.’

It means ‘The mastery of gratitude.’

It means ‘My goodness can’t be obscured.’

It means “Whenever I face a wall I build a door.’

It means ‘My life is a song.’

Autism doesn’t mean broken

It means ‘I shall not be judged.’

It means ‘Happiness is the journey, not the destination.’

It means ‘Please don’t give up on me.’

It means ‘My light inside is just as bright as yours.’

It means ‘I see souls.’

It means ‘Be patient with me.’

It means ‘I fight every day.’

It means ‘Better get out of my way!’

It means ‘Nothing will stop me.’

It means ‘I’m worthy.’

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘Created to be an instrument.’

It means ‘Listen to my eyes.’

It means ‘A stretching ripple of grace.’

It means ‘Unafraid.’

It means ‘Deserving of love.’

It means ‘Patron Saint of the rising sun.’

It means ‘Don’t leave me behind.’

It means ‘I’m still in here.’

It means ‘Howling fearlessness.’

It means ‘Let me show you how to change the world.’

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘Every breath is a gift.’

It means ‘Proof of the human spirit.’

It means ‘Open hands.’

It means ‘Vessel of strength.’

It means ‘Don’t tell me what I can’t do.’

It means ‘Every second counts.’

It means ‘Adventure.’

It means ‘A psalm of the furious rejoices!’

It means ‘Kissed by heaven.’

It means ‘Defying expectations.’

It means ‘I will not be hidden!’

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘Wild drum solo!’

It means ‘You don’t have to understand me to love me.’

It means ‘Honored Warrior.’

It means ‘Daylight peeking through trees.’

It means ‘Your expectations don’t concern me.’

It means ‘Mountain climber.’

It means ‘Covered in blossoms.’

It means ‘Eternal spring.’

It means ‘I never met an enemy.’

It means ‘Bet on me.’

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘My veins run with gold and fire.’

It means ‘I can’t wait to prove them wrong.’

It means ‘Butterfly in a cocoon.’

It means ‘Dance with me.’

It means ‘I make my own paths!’

It means ‘I don’t need your pity.’

It means ‘A lighthouse on the shore of compassion.’

It means ‘Let me tell you my dreams!’

It means ‘I walk through fire every damned day.’

It means ‘Fear is no match for willpower.’

Autism doesn’t mean broken.

It means ‘I will be your living poem.’

It means ‘Just believe in me!’

It means ‘I can do anything.’

It means ‘Don’t be afraid of me.’

It means ‘If you let me I can teach you peace.’

It means ‘Yes, I matter.’

It means ‘I keep getting back on my feet.’

It means ‘The Sermon of Silver Linings.’

It means ‘Nothing is wrong with me.’

It means ‘Treasure hunter.’

It means ‘Radiating zest!’

Autism means ‘My heart isn’t a broken puzzle piece – it’s a mosaic of sacred stained glass painting the hardwood floors of this world with the divine light.’

Autism means ‘Go ahead and sing – I’m going to play the holy hell out of these drums!’

Autism means ‘I will always find a light in the dark.’

That is what autism is.”

man and autistic son trying to fight the stigma
Courtesy of John Roedel

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