Because I Love My Daughter, I Owe Her My Healing

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“Because I love my daughter…

I owe her my lessons.⁣

I owe her my healing.⁣

I won’t let her see me criticizing myself in the mirror.

And I won’t let her believe others’ choices are ever her fault.

I want to give her the best possible chance to discover who she is, and to truly love that person.

I pray she will never, ever doubt her extraordinary worth in the world.⁣

I hope she’ll gaze deeply into others’ eyes and hearts. That she’ll see them, truly see them, and that they will do the same for her.

May she shine with love and compassion and inner beauty, while holding steadfast to her truth and her boundaries.⁣

And may I keep my promise to remember…

My story is not her story. ⁣

She deserves her own.

As she grows and writes her tale, I’ll give our relationship all I’ve got.

I want her to tell me when I’ve done something wrong.

I want her to tell me when I’ve hurt her.

And I hope I’ll always hear her, really hear her, without suggesting she’s too sensitive.

And without getting defensive.⁣

I will always say I’m sorry. I will always be her safe place.⁣

So I pray she’ll use her voice with me.

And I pray I’ll bite my tongue, offering smiles and excitement when she forges her own way.⁣

Because my time as a co-author will come to a close.

It has to.

This tale, this magical, excruciating, messy, wild, beautiful tale…it’s hers.

Not mine. ⁣

And I wouldn’t miss it for the world.⁣

I know I’ll make mistakes with her. But I will never, ever stop trying. ⁣

I owe my daughter my best.⁣




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