‘Do you want to meet your son Miller?’ It hit me in that moment, this baby is not yet mine. He is hers.’: Family adopts child they had been praying for after learning he was being born ‘tomorrow’

“I threw her on speaker and texted Ben 50 times in 2 minutes. ‘ANSWER YOUR PHONE! ADOPTION CALL!’ We nervously, softly knocked on the door. She got up, kissing him, and we all started to cry. I tried to stay strong as she sobbed in my arms. It was time for us to go. We had to push our son out of the room and down the hall, away from her. I lost it.”

‘We received a message from someone from my past. Of all the people in the world, she chose us.’: After battling Leukemia, miscarriage 3 times, couple adopt 2 miracle babies

“We never heard or saw a heartbeat. I didn’t carry him home with tiger-striped stretch marks covering my belly. I didn’t come home swollen or bloody. And there he laid at just 4-hours old, 5lbs 13 oz. A blonde-haired boy with the sweetest old man face. Our little Lane Everett. I didn’t bear the scars that childbirth brings, but they sure were there on my heart.”

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