‘Mismatched socks. In a world filled with chaos, mismatched socks add joy to my day.’: Mom urges ‘there are bigger battles’

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“Friends, this is real in my house. Mismatched socks.

In a world filled with chaos, mismatched socks add a little bit of joy to my day. When I gaze down and see the eclectic choice each morning, I feel blessed my girls radiate the wisdom to be themselves.

Mismatched socks, to this mama, mean no care in the world, a sense of freedom, and not feeling a need to belong in the correct spot of perfection.

I have to be honest, though, maybe it all began because with multiple loads of laundry a day, at times it became easier to not match socks.

Keeping track of those stubborn mates for four girls is near impossible. Actually, it IS an impossible task, and I’m not willing or ready to even begin to tackle it. There are bigger battles to work through.

You see, though, I couldn’t care less if my girls’ socks match or not…does it really matter?

Are matching socks going to help them become kind people? Get invited to that party next weekend? Pass the next test? Are matching socks enabling them to write a stronger college essay or get in to their first choice college? Nope!

Are matching socks setting them up for lives filled with confidence? To become strong, independent women? Are matching socks allowing them to exhibit empathy to their closest of friends, or the stranger at coffee shop who they held the door open for? To lend a hand to those in need without being asked?

Are matching socks providing them a space to develop into their own selves? To chase after their dreams and goals they have set up on their path? Are matching socks allowing them to live life out of a place of love? To live a life of loyalty and honesty to others?

You see, matching socks truly have no place in their decision making each morning, because whether matching or not, the socks only provide warmth to their feet, nothing more.

Matching or mismatched, my girls still shine their lights out in to this world, and maybe provide a little giggle to those around them when they kick off their high-top Vans.

But this mama sees more than those once-pudgy toddler feet, now turned teenagers, borrowing my shoes, wearing mismatched socks.

This mama is once again reassured my girls don’t need things to be perfect. They will find the blessings of each day, mismatched and all. They don’t need life to go exactly as planned. They don’t need life to match up according to what other people do or say.

They are their own people, living life according to their paths, shining their individual lights to all those around them. And I’m proud they rock their mismatched socks!

Maybe we should all walk around mismatched and see what happens. Just sayin’.”

Courtesy of Ali Flynn

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