‘To all the young women out there, the woman you see on this cover is beautiful.’: Woman responds to psychologist’s viral body shaming tweet towards Sports Illustrated model Yumi Nu

“She is one of the many forms of beauty and if you see yourself in her, you see your own strength and courage reflected back to you. Do not let the opinions of men or others define you, degrade you, or tear you down regardless of how you choose to express yourself.”

Why It’s Time For Hollywood To Stop Depicting Villains With Facial Disfigurements (From A Severe Burn Survivor)

“Over time, Hollywood has come a long way in improving representation. Black characters can be heroic; gay characters are rarely reduced to stereotypes. Overweight characters can be presented in the full complexity of their humanity. However, disfigured people are still fair game. In fact, I can’t think of any other marginalized group that is so relentlessly negatively portrayed on screen.”

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