My Confidence These Days Is As Soft As My Postpartum Body

“‘Did anything work for you today..?’ Avoiding eye contact with the dressing room attendant, I hand over a large stack of garments and give a sheepish ‘not this time.’ I wonder if she notices this was my third trip to the fitting rooms. I wonder if she notices how long I was in there. I wonder if she heard me audibly laughing trying on some of the pieces.”

‘Hair loss, depression, anxiety, mood swings, tears, a healing body—it all can await us after bringing life into this world.’: Mom talks about life postpartum, ‘It’s worth any amount of hair’

“We’re all thrown out into the open ocean of motherhood just trying to stay afloat and make our way back to shore alive…but no matter how big those waves are, the open ocean of motherhood is the most beautiful, humbling, and awe-inspiring creation there is.”

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