‘The machines are no longer prolonging his life. If you want, you can hold him in your arms.’ I held him close to my heart, as he took his last breath.’: Mom honors son lost to rare GACI disease

“The neonatologist looked up at us. ‘I am really sorry to be the one that has to tell you this, but…’ I felt a lump in my throat and tears began to flow. I remember ripping off my mask because it was so hard to breathe. ‘Your son Devraj is incompatible with life.’ The entire room was slowly starting to blur.”

‘My little baby bump under a baggy sweatshirt, I waited nervously to receive my first round of chemo.’: Pregnant breast cancer warrior ‘fights or two’

“In an instant, our little sweetheart was laid on my chest. Her little cries told us she was working perfectly – no evidence whatsoever she’d been through 13 rounds of chemo. Tears filled my eyes, and I pulled a warm blanket around her. ‘Hi, Hope,’ I said as she snuggled against my chest and stopped crying.”

‘I did it, honey.’: Widow gets master’s degree, becomes teacher with support from terminally ill husband

“My husband Facetimed me from his hospital bed, his faded blue hospital gown askew. As we said our goodnights and I love you’s, I put the boys to bed and headed to the dining room. With my head on the table, I quietly cried, the wood slowly drinking my tears. Then I opened my laptop and proceeded to do my homework, just the way Chris wanted me to.”

How I Crawled Through Grief And Turned My Pain Into Purpose

“For the first time in a really long time, I told myself how lucky I was. I actually mouthed the words. I didn’t know what I’d done to deserve it, but I had it all. And then exactly five weeks and one day later, it all came crashing down. That 3cm tumor on his pancreas would end up taking my strong, sweet man, leaving me and my children alone.”

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