Single mom battling stage 4 cancer smiles with her two kids for a family photo

‘You did nothing. You deserve nothing.’ The words cut like a knife. I was a stay-at-home mom raising 2 kids, fighting stage 4 cancer.’: Single mom shares divorce, self-love journey, ‘I’ve never felt happier’

“Until one day I realized, ‘Like hell I did nothing!’ I am raising two AMAZING human beings. I kept this house together from the moment we bought it. And I looked death in the face and said, ‘Not today. Maybe someday, but NOT TODAY.'”

‘Why did you choose open adoption when you don’t have to?’ It shouldn’t have to be ‘either/or,’ it should be ‘and.’: Adoptive mom reflects on unique journey, ‘This little girl deserves the world’

“We entered into the adoption of our daughter the way birth mom wanted – a fully closed adoption. She knew she could not safely care for her baby with the life she was living, but her heart was hurting. In my heart, I knew we needed a plan C.”

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