‘Today my husband to let a few of his best guys go. There’s only so much distance you can put between yourself and another person in his line of work.’: Couple says pandemic ‘has shown us how much we take for granted’

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“This is a very trying time for everyone. Millions around the world are seeing life through a different window. We are doing our best to stay strong as a family and keep things as ‘normal’ as possible for our little one. My husband’s work schedule has been affected but thankfully he is considered essential and is still able to work. Mine, however, has taken a hit.

When the quarantine began, there was talk of my husband possibly getting his lay-off. After a few days, his company laid off quite a large group of people. The downsize also required my husband to let a few of his best guys go, which was upsetting. The company then cut hours and re-adjusted their schedules. Some individuals are working shorter days with no lunch break. Everyone is now required to eat lunch in their vehicles instead of a lunch tent, as well as to cut back on group gatherings aka morning meetings.

Courtesy Kelly and Lance Stephenson

Other changes include temperature checks before entering the plant and distancing themselves in general. However, there’s only so much distance you can put between yourself and another person in his line of work. If you call in sick for any reason, you now have to return with proof of a negative Covid-19 test or you run the risk of facing a two week, stay-home period or possible layoff. Masks are required when entering the job site and sanitizer is available in multiple areas. Safety is also enforcing a six-foot rule when applicable. Everyone is basically walking on eggshells these days.

Although we’re blessed that work is still available, it’s hard not to worry about him being exposed and bringing the virus home to us or spreading it to others. Social distancing has definitely been interesting for our family. We have been driving each other crazy since day one of quarantine, but then again, what is family for? Homeschooling an elementary student and shopping for necessities hasn’t been easy, but it’s going.

Courtesy Kelly and Lance Stephenson

Embarrassingly enough, we did have a toilet paper crisis that resulted in napkin/paper towel usage because certain family members didn’t think to ‘conserve their rolls.’ Pointless TikTok videos have become our latest ‘thing’ and my husband has a newfound love for listening to himself sing in his man-cave… loudly.

This pandemic has shown us how much we take for granted. It’s hard to imagine your world turned upside down until it actually is. We cannot even begin to fathom what others are going through, as we haven’t had to face as much as most. To those who have lost, who have been separated from their loved ones, who are struggling to provide and to all who have been affected in any way, our hearts and prayers go out to you. We also want to thank everyone in the medical field for their dedication to fighting this battle.”

Courtesy Kelly and Lance Stephenson

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