Dear Mamas, You Can’t Do It All—Let’s Stop Pretending

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“Hey mamas, I have a message for you.

You can’t do it all.

You can’t be perfect.

You are going to walk into a room and forget why you even entered it.

You are going to forget about a gymnastics class.

You are going to be late for your kid’s bus.

You are going to think you responded to that text but you actually didn’t.

And you know what, it will all still be okay.

You are human and the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Every day you wake up and hit the ground running because you have people that depend on you.

Their needs and their wants fill your head each day on an endless loop.

Most days fitting in a shower, brushing your teeth, or even peeing alone feels like a luxury.

And I promise you that all those Mamas you see on social media with their on-point makeup, immaculately done hair, spit-up free clothes, and gym fresh bodies are far from perfect too.

We all have our struggles.

We all have those things that keep us awake at night with dread and worry.

We all carry shame.

So let’s stop pretending that we can be perfect.

Let’s stop pressuring ourselves and each other to be perfect.

Instead, let’s meet in the middle with our beautiful imperfections and show each other and ourselves a bit more grace.

Let’s remind each other that none of us are perfect.

Let’s show each other our imperfections.

Let’s talk about them and name them instead of feeling shameful about them and trying to hide them.

Let’s light each other up with our realities instead of dimming each other with the heaviness of perfection.


Mom talking a selfie in her car, with good lighting
Courtesy of Jenni Brennan

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