The One Thing Every Mom Needs Is Mom Friends

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“Do you know what women and mothers need? GIRLFRIENDS.

Not in the Justin Bieber way, but in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants way.

Except they’re yoga pants. And they’re most likely dirty.

Someone to make real connections with, that they can call (text, I mean text lol) in time of a crisis and know they’ll be there for them, and that we will be there right back for her.

SISTERS who have each other’s backs, no matter what.

WOMEN NEED friends who can accept that some days will literally be filled with word vomit and over-sharing, and other days will be silent due to being scarily exhausted, and what is needed is just our being handheld in solidarity with no words being spoken and no judgement ever made.

A group of like-minded people who can see us as a person, as an individual and not just a mom.

Someone who won’t forget who she was before kids and knows she still wants to have fun, but still respects her responsibility and the crazy life that having kids leads.

Friends who get that anxiety with kids or public places strike out, and don’t mind if the need to go home is there.

Who understand that some days, no one has time for crowds and can sit in pajamas with takeout coffees.

Who can pig out on a big piece of cake and tell each other inappropriate jokes.

Who doesn’t mind a cheap drink, coffee lovers and hot messes who also need to get glammed up once in a while.

That some days replies might be forgotten, but the thought is always there.

That can grab our little cherubs all together and have a massive sleepover, where we get to be teens again and watch movies and binge watch TV shows with wine and chips and talk about the men we love or hate.

Someone who will promise to be your gym buddy after you’re sitting there full of all the crap you ate.

Friends that understand time might pass, but the love will not.

That having high expectations are impossible when you’re a mother but know that the friendship will always be fiercely loyal, because we will always have your back!

Hands up if this is what you need.”

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Courtesy of Laura Mazza

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