‘For parents like me, the season of being waist-deep in caring for our child won’t end. The weeds are where we live.’: Special needs mom says ‘I know I’m not alone’

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“I read an article where the writer was a mom of young kids and her life revolved around them. She was trying to explain and apologize to her friends because she was ‘in the weeds.’

She was too busy caring for her little ones who required so much of her to be a good friend. She reminded her friends it won’t last forever.

My immediate thought was – it will for me. It’s not just a season. It’s forever.

For some of us, the season of being waist deep in caring for our child won’t end. For parents like me, the weeds are where we live.

Mom kisses her special needs son on the temple while he sits in her lap on the couch
Courtesy of Melissa Schlemmer

I know I’m not alone.

Every moment I feel grief wash over me, I know another mother is feeling the same.

Every second I feel out of place or that I don’t belong, I know there’s a mom who gets it.

When the day is long and I’m tired of fighting for what our son deserves, I can hear another mom telling me, ‘You got this.’

Every dream I let go of, I know another mom has done the same.

I’m not alone in the weeds, and oddly enough, it brings me some comfort.

But there’s joy too in the weeds. A lot of it.

I know every moment I’m pushing our son to be stronger, there’s another mom enduring hours of appointments to achieve another goal.

Every time I’m over the moon about something seemingly insignificant, I know without a doubt there is another mom crying tears of joy with me.

No moment is wasted or taken for granted, and I know with every fiber of my being there are other moms who feel the exact same way. There are far too many parents who know each and every day is truly a gift.

Many of us have made our home amongst the weeds.

You may be here. You might be in the weeds, too. It may be a season or a lifetime.

But just know I’m here.

You aren’t alone. I’ll be here for awhile.”

Special needs mom takes a photo of a letterboard with "I'm here in the weeds with you" with supplies for her child around it
Courtesy of Melissa Schlemmer
Special needs mom takes a serious selfie while wearing a black t-shirt that says "Warrior Mama" on it
Courtesy of Melissa Schlemmer

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