10 Incredibly Cute Foster Care Adoption Day T-Shirts

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The adoption process is never an easy one, no matter what type of adoption you’ve pursued. It’s an emotional journey with a lot of ups and downs, unknowns, and waiting, which makes the eventual arrival of your adoption day all the more meaningful. For foster families, this is also the day they can finally, formally introduce the child(ren) who have been a part of their family, but only ever known as a blurred face and a social media nickname. Adoption day t-shirts can be a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion, announce your adoption, and make your adopted child feel wanted, chosen, and loved.

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest foster care adoption day shirts we could find (in no particular order) with adorable designs, matching set options, personal customizations, and fun themes to mark your special day. Check them out below!

‘Peace Out Foster Care’ Adoption Day T-Shirt

by Shelby’s Showroom

Let the world know you’re kissing foster care goodbye and welcoming forever with this fun peace out tee. The shirt is available in ALL SIZES (from a 0-3 month bodysuit to an adult 3XL) and the seller notes other colors are available if requested. You can also add a custom line to the back of your t-shirt!

peace out foster care adoption day t-shirt


Custom ‘O-Fish-Ally A Family’ Adoption Day T-Shirts

by The Foster Mom on Etsy

We love these sweet adoption tees for their cute theme and clever pun! They are also available in a TON of sizes (from 6 months to an adult 5XL), and if you’re looking for something you can personalize, this seller allows you to add your family name for an extra special touch.

cute and punny custom fish-themed adoption t-shirts


Customized Adoption Day Family T-Shirts

by The Foster Mom on Etsy

Simple and sweet, these modern adoption tees are available in 12 different colors and sizes for the whole family (6 months to an adult 5XL). Add your name and the date of the big day, or another favorite saying to mark the beginning of your forever.

customized family adoption day t-shirts


‘Official Team’ Personalized Family Adoption Day T-Shirts

by Shirts By Sarah on Etsy

The cute athletic style of these tees is perfect for recognizing your family as a hardworking team. Available in 8 different colors, you can visit the several different ‘Official Team’ t-shirt listings in Sarah’s shop to find sizes for the entire family.

official team personalized family adoption t-shirts


Kid’s Colorful ‘Gotcha Day’ Adoption T-Shirt

by Shirts By Sarah on Etsy

Often referred to as ‘Gotcha Day,’ this colorful kid’s tee gets your attention and lets everyone know how excited your family is to be celebrating your child’s adoption. We love this shirt for the variety of color options and the bright, playful design!

kid's colorful gotcha day adoption shirt


‘Out Of My Way’ Adoption Day Family T-Shirts

by Shirts By Sarah on Etsy

We love the sharp design and playful humor of this adoption day t-shirt. People will know you’re on a mission to sign those papers and seal the deal with this cute tee!

out of my way family adoption day t-shirts


‘I Stole Their Hearts’ Kid’s Adoption Day T-Shirts

by Sing Thy Grace Designs on Etsy

Not only does this shirt have the sweetest sentiment in adorable lettering, but there are so many options to personalize your look. Choose from onesies, classic tees, and raglan tees with a number of color possibilities as well!

cute children's adoption day t-shirts


‘Family Ever After’ Matching Adoption T-Shirts

by MudoBoutique on Etsy

The message on these cute adoption t-shirts says it all and can be worn on your special day and every day, because your child(ren) are forever wanted, chosen, and loved. With sizes for the whole family (from 6 months to an adult 3XL) and lots of colors to choose from, these shirts are the perfect pick.

matching family adoption day shirts


Custom ‘Friends’ Themed Adoption Day Family T-Shirts

by Serendipity and Smiles on Etsy

Who doesn’t love Friends?! Celebrate your adoption day with this cute Friends themed tee and customize it with your name so you can always remember the one where you became a family, available in sizes for the WHOLE family (from a 3 month bodysuit to an adult 4XL).

friends themed adoption day family t-shirts


‘Hip Hip Hooray!’ Adoption Day T-Shirts

by Nfiniti on Etsy

We love the colorful, celebratory design on this adorable adoption day shirt and the variety of colors (14!), sizes, and styles available. Shout with joy as you celebrate your special day in this cute tee!

hip hip hooray adoption day t-shirt

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