Grandma’s Sweet Reaction To Surprise Reunion With BFF

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In 2010, Granny Honey traveled to Haiti to help area residents recover from a devastating earthquake.

While there, she formed a friendship with a young man named Johny Jean Louis.

Over the years, their friendship grew deeper and deeper, and they each took trips to visit one another whenever they could.

Now, she thinks of Johny as family.

Today, Johny is a firefighter living in Florida with a family of his own, but he still has a soft spot for his favorite granny.

In an adorable video shared online, Honey’s granddaughter, Carly Mason Boseker, captured the moment when Johny surprises Honey in her home.

We see Honey being led into the dining room, where Johny is waiting.

As soon as she sees him, she starts to scream — literally scream!

She’s so blown away that we can’t help but laugh with pure joy!

“God brought these two together in perfect timing. Honey gained a son right after losing one of her 7 children,” Carly wrote.

“He is grandma’s joy and crown and we love him.”

Watch Honey’s adorably over-the-top reaction in the video below.

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