‘How hard is it to be home with the kids all day?’ I told her she was being ridiculous. Nah! Just Kidding! What I actually did was LISTEN to her.’ How husband helped his wife calm down when she needed it most

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“I was on my way home when Mel called and told me she was about to crack. The kids had been arguing all day, and making messes, and arguing, and making messes, and arguing… you know the feeling.

She’d finally had enough and was hiding in our bedroom to get a break.

I told her to calm down. I told her she was over reacting, and it wasn’t that bad. I said, ‘How hard is it to be home with the kids all day?’ I told her she was being ridiculous. And she agreed with me and changed her outlook on life and motherhood.

Nah! Just Kidding!

I didn’t say any of that because that would make me huge dickhead.

What I actually did was listen to her. I didn’t make suggestions, or criticize, or talk down. I just let her vent because she needed to get it out.

When I got home, I started dinner. I talked to the kids about how they were acting, and got them cleaning the table and taking out the trash.

And most importantly, I left Mel alone in our room until she was ready to come out because being home alone with three kids under 12 for weeks and weeks, trying to get ahead on projects, trying to clean, trying to do summer workbooks, while also trying to be a fun mom is exhausting and maddening with brief Instagram worthy moments.

Once she came out, she vented some more and I listened. Close to an hour after I’d gotten home, we were all at the table, Mel feeling like a sane slightly rested, and heard version of herself.

She’s the best thing ever. Hands down. All it took was listening, pitching in around the house, and providing a short break so she didn’t completely lose it.

How hard is that?

Not that hard.

And totally worth it.”

Courtesy Clint Edwards

This story was written by Clint Edwards from No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog and author of I’m Sorry…Love, Your Husband.  His new book can be found here. Follow Clint on Instagram here. Submit your story here, and subscribe to our best love stories here.

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