‘Last week, I got a phone call from Michael’s Spanish teacher. She wanted to tell me how emotional my son had made her.’: Mom shocked, proud of son’s amazing act of kindness, ‘He has the biggest heart’

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“Not going to lie, over the years there have been phone calls from the school about my boys where they have done something they shouldn’t have been doing.

It’s only been minor things, but still every time the phone rings after school hours and you see the school’s number, the first thought is ‘Oh no, what have one of them done now?’

This very thought went through my head last week when I got a phone call from Michael’s school…the difference this time was this was not a call about something bad, it was the complete opposite!

The call was from Michael’s Spanish teacher and she wanted to tell me how emotional my son had made her.

She had a death within her family and had gone to the funeral the previous day.

After school, my son had gone to the shop and bought her some sweets using his own pocket money to try and cheer her up. She wasn’t there when he dropped it off, so he left her a note saying ‘so sorry for your loss.’

She said it was the nicest act of kindness she has ever received from a student and she was actually glad she wasn’t there when he dropped the sweets as she would have gotten even more emotional.

Sometimes you can really doubt yourself as a mother – are you teaching your children right – but that day I got verification my husband and I have done a very good job raising him. He is actually one the kindest people I know with the biggest heart and I am SO proud to call him my son!”

Proud mom takes selfie with son after he commits act of kindness for grieving teacher
Courtesy of Johanna

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