To The Sweet Friend Who Chose To Uplift Me, Not Knowing I Was Vulnerable, Thank You

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“I am not weak.
I am tired.
Small words. Big difference.

I’ve admittedly had a hard couple weeks. It just seemed like there was thing after thing compiling and gnawing away at my mental fortitude.

I’m good at shouldering the hard days. I am darn near professional at it at this point. But strong is not always the answer. A friend kindly corrected my language, and I couldn’t be more thankful she did.

A repercussion of prolonged strength and bravery means naturally, I get weary.

This space has turned into a public therapy session of sorts. And normally I’m happy to share, in hopes even the smallest part of our journey provides hope or strength for someone else.

But such a level of vulnerability is suffocating sometimes. And I don’t always have the energy to bare my wounds in the event some troll decides to unload their assumptions this direction (yes, this happens often. I’m growing a thicker skin).

My vulnerability is an effort towards transparency. Showcase the good days, but never pretend the hard ones don’t exist.

It just isn’t real life. And talking about the hard stuff doesn’t make me unhappy with my life or depressed.

It just makes me human.

So choose to be generous and intentional.

Generous with your words, and intentional with your thoughts. Spread a little sunshine wherever you go. Today may be the day you speak just the right words to the person who needed them the most.

To the sweet friend who chose to be generous and uplifting to me, not knowing I was tired, thank you. Thank you for gently encouraging I give myself permission to be tired. And for the reminder of how human it is.

We can’t be strong all the time.

Words hold so much power, and sometimes this power gives another the sparkle they need.

Go give someone some sparkle.”

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Courtesy of Rebekah Scadding

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