‘As soon as my sister and I being pregnant together seemingly aligned, my husband died.’: Remarried widow fulfills dream of being pregnant at the same time as her sister

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“God answers prayers in the most unexpected ways sometimes.

My sister and I always wanted to be pregnant together. When she and her husband got married, they didn’t spend much time waiting to try to start their family. And around this time, Marcus and I had pretty much decided we were done having babies. So while they were so excited to begin, my sister and I were mourning the thought of our dream never coming to fruition.

Fast forward two years and unfortunately no baby yet for Kelsey. But, Marcus and I had decided we would try for number 4, just as soon as we got through some possible big moves in our life. So the thought of us being pregnant together might actually happen! And pretty much as soon as that dream seemingly aligned, he died.

Woman kisses her husband on the cheek while he makes a silly face for a selfie while on vacation
Courtesy of Nicole Fergesen

Fast forward two more long years, and still no baby for Kelsey. At this point, Dustin and I had gotten married. We announced on Christmas we were expecting and received many congratulations, but also (naturally) conflicted tears from Kelsey. Only to discover two weeks later she was expecting as well!

Widow hugs her new husband during an engagement photoshoot
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So while our journey is nothing we would have expected, God blessed us with pregnancies only six weeks apart. And we’ve been able to share the ins and out of pregnancy and the newborn stage together and it’s just as amazing as we thought it would be!

Two sisters pregnant at the same time take a photo together showing off their baby bumps
Courtesy of Nicole Fergesen

I firmly believe God gives us dreams for a reason. He wants us to dream and gives us free will, but some things in life are completely beyond our control. It’s beautiful to see how God was able to answer our prayers, even through so much heartache.

Two sisters pose with their husbands while showing off their baby bumps, each pregnant only 6 weeks apart
Courtesy of Nicole Fergesen

If God has given you a dream that in your present circumstances doesn’t make much sense, just wait. He promises to work all things for good, and I’ve seen it. Don’t stop dreaming and trusting.”

Couple in blended family hold their newborn daughter together
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Couple trying years to conceive a child hold their newborn baby in their nursery
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