‘I could perpetuate the cycle or I could give my babies better.’: Mom urges others to break the cycle of generational trauma, ‘We can create change’

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“Being a mother is a gift.
It’s a privilege.

It took becoming a mother to earth-side children and angels to really recognize the honor it carries.

But being a mother can create its own traumas. It can come from your childhood, your lived experiences, and your environment.

It breaks my soul to know so many women, so many *deserving* women struggle to be a mom. The struggle could come from the fear, trauma, conceiving or viability within our bodies. They are all tragic.

Personally, I carry so much of it. The trauma of my past and my lived experience.

I could perpetuate the cycle or I could give my babies better. Honestly, I catch myself doing both. I am working my kiester off to halt the historical traumas and create a new path for my children.

I want them to do better than me.

I wish so hard the same would have been done for me as a child who never felt ‘enough.’

So, wherever you sit in your place of motherhood, you have a path. Take it in stride. Honor yourself in this journey. Do better for you and your babies.

We deserved better, but we can create change within us so we can offer it to our babies, wherever they are.”

Mom stands with her two earth-side sons in a field with wild flowers swaying in the wind behind them
Courtesy of Emily O’Gorman-Klein

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