‘Today I listened to two women complain about how ‘disgustingly fat’ they were. Their children were RIGHT THERE. And so were mine.’: Mom shares powerful plea to end cycle of bullying, ‘Our children are hurting’

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“Today, I listened to two women complain about how disgustingly fat they were.
They literally stood in a queue, comparing their flaws.
Their children were RIGHT THERE.
And so were mine.

How often do we as a society do this?
Stand and complain about our flaws in front of our youth?

I’ve heard adults whisper behind their hands, pointing out something they spotted.

‘Look at that guys HAIR!’
‘Did you see what she’s WEARING?’
‘WHY doesn’t she just wear a bit of foundation?’
‘Mutton dressed as lamb.’
There’s no harm in it, right? Those people couldn’t hear.

How often do people look at the TV and pass judgment?
‘Oh dear, she’s looking old!’
‘She got fat!’
‘Wow, look at all the weight she lost. She’s beautiful now. Well done to her!’ (Notice the word beautiful, NOT healthy, because our first thought is rarely about health.)
‘God, she should date guys her own age!’

I have heard these things said often.
Heck, I’ll admit to saying some things myself, not usually negatively, but still passing judgement.
It’s ok, though…they couldn’t hear.

Then people write in the comments online.
Everyone else has afterall, it’s not real life, it’s just the internet.
No one takes that to heart.
It’s ok, right? They should know better than to care.

Yet, those people do hear and they do care, because having flaws pointed out and having people’s negativity on you hurts. And it DOES matter. It always matters.

Our little people hear it all, too.
They hear those whispered words.
They hear your comments.
They may have read what you put online.
And they learned it was OK.

Then they repeat this. They see their own flaws. They point out other people’s. They comment. They take to social media and they slate someone. It’s still OK though, right?

It WASN’T okay for me.
I left school hating myself, hating the world, and wanting everything to just end.
I learned I should hate myself because I wasn’t ‘beautiful.’
I learned others could hate me because I wasn’t ‘beautiful.’
I learned I just wasn’t worth enough.

People are dying.
Children are hurting.
It needs to stop. NOW.

Please be kind to everyone, including yourselves.”

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