I Hope She Knows How Hard I Try To Be A Good Mom

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“I hope she knows how hard I try to be a good mom.

I hope she knows that my anger and frustration never diminish my love for her.

I hope she knows I don’t want her to strive for perfection;

I want her to strive to do her best.

I hope she knows how much joy she brings me each and every day.

I hope she knows that her laugh lights up my life.

I hope she knows that I will support her no matter her choices, and no matter where life takes her.

I hope she knows that she is always worthy, just as she is.

I hope she knows that labels, grades, numbers on a scale, and other people’s opinions do not define her.

I hope she knows that the most important relationship she’ll ever have is with herself.

I hope she knows to do what is right and not what is easy.

I hope she knows that it is a privilege to watch her grow, even though it also breaks my heart.

I hope she knows that she is capable and that the sky is the limit for her.

I hope she knows that with every pain, tear, and heartbreak she experiences I feel a thousandfold.

I hope she knows that she is loved beyond measure and beyond words.

I hope she knows that I will never get it all right, but I will always keep trying.

I hope she knows.

Even though I tell her…

I hope she knows.

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