Your Life Did Not End When You Became A Mother—You Were Reborn

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“Your life did not end when you became a mother, on the contrary, you were reborn.

Your life did not end mama.

You’ve been given such a gift that can not be appraised. A gift so valuable, that came with such honor.

Your life did not end mama, though I know sometimes it feels that way.

You may feel it’s been put on hold for a little while, and that’s okay.

Think of it as a pause button on a movie you’re watching. You’ll get to it, just be patient.

Your life did not end mama.

You can make or break this. Make the best out of it, or wilt and let it consume you.

Your life did not end mama.

Some days you will feel defeated. Some days you will feel helpless. Some days you will feel fed up!

But your life did not end mama, those feelings are normal and validated.

You are raising your child, making a difference in the world. Shaping someone to how you see fit and praying you’re doing it right. You have the MOST important job in the world.

Your life did not end mama, I promise.

The days will go and come, you will watch sunrises and sunsets, and before you know it these weary days will be long gone; all you will be left with is the reminiscing.

They’ll tell you, ‘You’ll wish these days would come back,’ you standing there with your hair in a mess, your eyes like those of a raccoon, wearing the same yoga pants for the third day… thinking to yourself ya right!

But let me tell you, me, myself, in the midst of all of this, yoga pants, raccoon eyes and all.. my kids not even in their teens, I do wish time would slow down for a bit.

Only when they’re not driving me crazy.

Your life did not end mama, though it surely feels like that. Just take a deep breath and don’t let it consume you.

Remember it’s just a moment in time where you’ll feel this pause.

You will get your time.”

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