I Say A Prayer At Drop Off

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The Drop Off

It shouldn’t be this way,
This I know,
Yet here we are,
I don’t want to let you go.

You should be safe at school,
A place where you can be,
A place of things to do, learn, and see.

A place of wonder,
Of discovery and dreams,
With windows of hope,
From where light beams.

I shouldn’t worry for you
When you’re out at play,
Or when learning about the month of May.

I know you see my fear
Deep within my eyes,
You see the tears forming,
It’s nothing I can disguise.

I leave you here distraught
Not confident at all,
I can’t bear to think of you unsafe,
Or hiding in a stall.

Fearing for your life,
Underneath your desk,
Praying for help,
Hoping for the best.

School should be a haven,
A place where you grow,

The things I want for you,
Only God would know.

So I say a prayer at drop off here,
That angels watch and keep you dear.

That good overtakes all,
And that God hears our call.

Politicians are yelling what are we going to do?
Because parents are crying as their kids are dying.

We need policy and change
I hear people say,
Let’s start with kindness for others,
At least for today.

Start planting seeds that will one day bloom love and light,
Let’s push for change,
Let’s do it with all our might.

Because our kids need to be safe here at school,
They shouldn’t feel lost
Or see the world as cruel.

They shouldn’t grow
To hate and fear.
They need our guidance,

They need us near,
So that no child grows to do this again,

It shouldn’t be this way,
The hate needs to end.

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