Dear Kids: Even On Our Hardest Days, I Wouldn’t Trade This For The World

“Dear Kids,

I choose you even when I am grumpy in the morning, reaching for my coffee between cracking eggs into the pan. Even when you aren’t thankful for your food and you push it around with your fork, asking questions like, ‘Is this ALL we are having?’ Even then, I’d rather be here, grumpy, and cooking for you than anywhere else in the world.

Even when you climb into my bed at night and my arm falls asleep because I can’t move and I wish for just ONE MORE hour of rest. I wouldn’t trade this life for one where I was refreshed and awake. Not in a million years would I trade it.

You see, once I didn’t think that I’d have you. Once I prayed for you, wondering if you would ever be. You were wished for, longed for, and wanted with all of my heart. I wouldn’t trade these moments of frustration; I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the entire world.

Yes, I get annoyed. Yes, I get frustrated. Sometimes I think I might just lose my mind, but I’d pick up your underwear and your crayons a million times over, my love.

It is my greatest joy even when I feel tired instead of blessed.

When it comes down to it, as I look at your sweet and priceless face asleep against your pillow…this is the most beautiful journey. I am so grateful to be right here in this moment with you.

I would choose you and choose this life a million times again, even when I’m tired.

Always and forever I am yours.



Mom gazing at sleeping daughter
Courtesy of Jess Marie

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